Three Important Outdoor Gears

I am personally a bit picky when it comes to buying any outdoor equipment. The reason is logical. When you pack all the accessories in a backpack and go for a trip, you have some limitation and restriction for example you are can’t replace it or take multiple products. So, how do I pick my proper gear, I will explain this in this article. Also, you would come to know about three imperative outdoor gears that I always take for my trip.

flashlightFlashlight: This is a vital equipment for outdoor especially at night. An intruder or animal might attack you. But if you know how to use a flashlight properly, the job becomes easier. You can make the best use of the blinding effect of a flashlight to throw the beam of the light right in the eyes of the attacker. This will temporarily blind the attacker, and you can manage an escape. When purchasing a decent flashlight, considering power source is crucial. You can either choose Alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries depending on the type of trip. I have found an excellent guide on here –

backpackBackpack: You can’t imagine a journey without a backpack for sure. Whatever you want to carry should be packed in a bag. This is where having a sturdy, comfortable backpack plays a significant role. Don’t choose a pack that is uncomfortable as you are going to carry it for a longer period. If you don’t take it properly, it can hurt your back and shoulder. Nylon is excellent fabric for such bags. If the pack has sternum strap or you can use a third party one, this is a plus point. There should be a separate compartment for hydration bladder of minimum 2 liters.

knifeKnife: Survival knife is another useful equipment. You can only understand its importance better if you ever trap in the middle of a jungle. You can either use it to prepare food or defend yourself. There are a variety of knives available in the market. Things have changed quite a bit with the development of the technology.
Do you prefer a fixed blade or folding one? I prefer the folding one. But the knife has to be very sharp, so it cuts almost everything quickly. Although it may seem that operating a survival knife is an easy job, actually not. This is why you should practice it at home before going out for the main journey. The blade’s thickness or length depends on the situation you are going to be in.

So, here are my top three outdoor gears. I use few more such as binocular, GPS, appropriate clothing, boot, etc. You should be well-prepared to avoid any unwanted and awkward situation. This is always safe to go to a trip with a group. When you have someone experienced in the team, it becomes easy to deal with different situations, and you get the courage to go ahead.

I hope the information this article has will help you on future trips. No more for today. Hope I will come with some more interesting things in the next post.